Chief Hall: Citizens, Clergy, Elected Officials Rally in Support After Groups Give No-Confidence Vote

From Staff Reports

In response to a press conference where Dallas Police Chief U. Renee Hall was given a vote of no-confidence, the first African American woman to serve in that post received overwhelming support that included statements from Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax, Dallas City Mayor Pro Tem Casey Thomas, Next Generation Action Network’s (NGAN) Minister Dominique Alexander, members of the clergy and community-based groups.

Citing several instances where they felt Chief Hall was not supportive, members of the National Latino Law Enforcement Organization (NLLEO) called for her firing. Dallas Chapter President George Aranda said, “We need a new crime fighter here. She fails to listen to our rank and file. She doesn’t want to take any advice from the organizations. We’re the pulse of the police department.”

The other police groups have not joined in the call for a replacement, and Broadnax is not bowing to the pressure. “I am confident that Chief Hall and the dedicated officers of the Dallas Police Department are focused and committed to ensuring that the safety of our residents is a top priority,” said Broadnax, who has the authority to hire and fire the chief. “Chief Hall’s strategic approach to restructuring DPD has helped maximize resources and align the department to be more responsive to the needs of our community. Through her leadership, Chief Hall has worked to improve efficiencies within the department, provide high-quality service to every Dallas resident, enhance the department’s community engagement and outreach efforts, and address crime more proactively.” Broadnax added that the Chief has his “support and full confidence in her ability to continue leading the department.”

In response to NLLEO, Thomas said, “Let me put some things in context. First, the city manager hires and fires the Police Chief. The Mayor and City Council hires the city manager. Unless there are at least eight members of the city council who decide to fire the city manager, the city manager is safe. T.C. Broadnax is the Dallas City Manager. He has the support of the incoming Mayor and a majority of the city council. He said as long as he is the city manager, Chief Hall will be the Police Chief. Simply put, regardless of outside noise, only the council can fire the city manager and only the city manager can fire the police chief. Chief Hall is not in danger of being fired and she has my full support.”

Alexander, who was mentioned in the press conference, issued a public statement and held a press conference where he reiterated support for the Chief:

“NGAN Leadership wants the public to know that the community stands behind Chief Hall. In her short time as police chief, she has done so much.” Further support of the Chief came from the African American Pastors Coalition: “The African American Pastors Coalition stands in support of Chief Hall. We urge all citizens of the City of Dallas to join us in a unified effort to support her continued leadership of the Dallas Police Department. She has made prominent steps to transform the department to reflect 21st Century Policing. Chief Hall has prioritized community engagement and outreach by connecting with officers in the field, meeting with Dallas community groups, professional leaders and local organizers. Under Chief Hall’s leadership, the department has implemented five strategic priorities: crime reduction, increased recruitment, advanced officer development, improved organizational effectiveness, and enhanced community relationships. In addition, Chief Hall has engaged the school districts and local colleges to generate a student pipeline and internship program. She has increased internal accessibility to her office and has overseen several General Order and policy changes within the department.”

Council member B. Adam McGough, Chairman of the Public Safety and Criminal Justice Committee, releases the following statement: “Throughout my tenure, I have fought hard to support our police officers. The daily sacrifices they make are undeniable, and the challenges they currently face are without question. I will continue to ask questions and urge Chief Hall to provide strategic solutions and measurable outcomes to reduce crime across our city and to give our officers the support they have rightfully earned. Healthy government must allow us to be critical and challenge ideas so that progress can occur, and we need strong leadership in our police department with transparent and objective performance measures. I do not support calling for Chief Hall’s removal. Dallas, now more than ever, must come together in unity and strength. A leadership transition of this magnitude puts everyone at greater risk. The safety of our neighbors and our community must come first. The City of Dallas will not tolerate crime, and we will work together to make our neighborhoods safe.”

While Chief Hall has not responded to the NLLEO, in attendance at the Women’s Leadership Summit, hosted by former State Rep. Helen Giddings, she did ask for prayers, and had no problem with securing prayer warriors in the room.

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