Zan Wesley Holmes Jr. Community Outreach Center Presents Juneteenth: Hustle and Flow Coaching | June 15-19, 2020

An array of topics and speakers are on the agenda for the fourth annual Juneteenth event sponsored by the Zan Wesley Holmes Jr. Community Outreach Center. This year’s event Atled Hustle & Flow will include a series of coaching sessions for what is being termed the “Hustle & Flow Krewe.” Two sessions will be offered each day June 15-19 via Zoom.

Hustle & Flow means the way a group of individuals conducts their business. These sessions are primarily for individuals who have a hustle from which they make money. Hustle and Flow Krewe coaching is designed to teach participants who have a hustle basic education on how to make their hustles grow into a business and how to get to the next level in their business practices. Ten dynamic speakers are set to share information to that end. Learn more about speakers and their topics at Click on Juneteenth.


June 15 (Monday)
10 -11:30 am | Welcome to the New Economy | Frances Smith-Dean
1 – 2:30 pm | You Are More Than a Conqueror: Transforming the Hustle Game | Kerry Reynolds


June 16 (Tuesday)
10 – 11:30 am | Innovate Your Business with Market Research | Judith Collins
1 – 2:30 pm | Real Estate: An Old Game for a New Season | Kesha Hall


June 17 (Wednesday)
10 – 11:30 am | Tax Strategies for the Self-Employed and Business Owners | Alfred Record
1 – 2:30 pm | Why Should Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Be Important to Me? | Ezra James


June 18 (Thursday)
10 – 11:30 am | Grow Your Business with 0 Dollars Using the Power of Social Media | Jasmine Anderson
1– 2:30 pm | Podcasting—a Great Way to Connect with your Audience | Alexis Williams, Terry Price


June 19 | Friday
10 -11:30 am | Types of Entity Structures | Markeyta Mitchell
1 – 2:30 pm | Understanding the Sales Game | Audrey Brown

To register, go to and click on Juneteenth.

For more information, contact Jasmine Anderson at

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