The Black Card: Large Challenges Require Big Strategies, Big Mama Said, It Is More Than a Notion…Watch Us Grow

By Terry Allen

When any of us failed to complete a chore or task completely, my grandmother, Lucille “Big Mama” Allen, taught us a lesson. She would place her hands on her hips and look at us as she spoke the words, “this was more than a notion.” We all knew what that meant. More than a notion had a powerful impact in our house. Clearly defined it means to all of her children—a notion is like a thought. 

So more than a notion is like not something you just think about, it should actually be an action you execute. Big Mama reminded me that we had an opportunity to do a great job and we did not. Big Mama knew that more than a notion implies that something is more difficult to do than just thinking about it. She was trying to impact our growth in an awesome way. 

Like Big Mama’s more than a notion, the state of our community is in an intense series of actions and discussions about race ignited by recent events, including the death of George Floyd, the Ahmaud Arbery shooting and the disparate impact of the pandemic. We know it is more than a notion as we see all of the global impacts of the state of the world we are in as well as the social awakening while we have focused on the lives of countless Black Americans. 

Texas Metro News/ Garland Journal is on a journey to strive for growth and tell our stories and yes it is more than a notion! I have witnessed my voices amplified to be the storyteller of all the news that should be printed, so readers we need you as well. Recently I received over 7,000 likes of my post on LinkedIn and the same response in my e-blast this week so keep up the good work. 

Readers please continue to take action and move the needle. I ask this of you: continue to build on the growth and make this a more than a notion. Keep reading and responding to the stories we tell. If we are to build, invest and grow, we need you. Thank you and thanks to our publisher Cheryl Smith.

Terry Allen is an award-winning media professional, journalist, and entrepreneur. He is also the founder of City Men Cook and 1016 Media.

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