My Truth: Congratulations America!

By Cheryl Smith

To say I was anxious on this election day, January 5, 2021, would be an understatement. Sure there have been other elections where I have truly felt a personal connection to the candidates. But this election, especially at this time in our lives, just appeared to be so much more important and significant in my life. Which brings me to my truth.

I was rooting hard for America. For me, the only way America could win would be for the Democratic candidates to win in the Georgia U.S. Senate run-off elections. So, as I sat patiently waiting for results, I was anxious because I sincerely felt that our country had an opportunity to heal, to make a better future for all; if we didn’t have to deal with the dysfunction that comes from politicians who are wreaking havoc with false claims of stolen elections.

Georgia Senate Race Candidates
Georgia Senate Race Candidates

Believe me, we Black people know about stolen elections and that was not what we witnessed in November! If anything, the last four years have shown us that we can’t continue to do things the way they have been done. Unfortunately we have politicians who, no matter how wrong, will do wrong, for the sake of the PARTY. With the election on January 5, folks are going to have to work together or yes, we will perish.

Congratulations, America. According to current election results, we have a chance to build a better country and work together for the greater good. And each of us can be involved!

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