COVID Risk Level Heightened for Dallas County

By Ashley Moss
Staff Writer 

The Coronavirus threat level was upgraded in Dallas County on October 15th as cases continue to climb across the region. Health officials adjusted the County’s COVID-19 risk level to red, which indicates a high level of spread. 

As of 1:00 pm on October 15, Dallas County Health and Human Services reported 589 total sases, including 8 older cases and 52 probable cases. 

“It’s critical with the uptick and the increases that we’ve seen in our hospitals, including a doubling of COVID-19 cases in hospitals over the last month for our region, that we all make good choices to turn the tide and get our numbers going in a good direction again,” said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins. “We are on the beginning of a second wave of COVID-19 cases if we do not modify behavior, and with talk of bars opening and increased capacity in other commercial buildings, there is a false sense of security. Given that our numbers are going in the wrong direction, we must turn things around now.” 

For a complete list of recommendations under “Red” on the color-coded chart, go to

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