My Truth: Mentoring

By Cheryl Smith, Publisher

Davante D. Peters, aka Brotha SHAWT is a man on a mission with a heart for justice, equality and liberation. He is an artist, an activist, and a visionary who desires to bring change to his community in Dallas, Texas, and ultimately the world. Brotha SHAWT’s live debut performance of his ode to a Dallas County Commissioner took place on Saturday, June 22, 2019 at Cheryl Smith’s “25th Annual Don’t Believe the Hype Bowl-A-Thon,” at USA Bowl, 10920 Composite Drive, Dallas.

Titled, “Like John Wiley Price,” catches the essence of the fiery, intense spirit of the Commissioner. Brotha SHAWT, like so many in his generation, has aspired to be more than a common statistic of his demographic. He has chosen to parlay his God-given talents and abilities in the realm of art and music and use them as a vehicle of positive social mobilization. At 25, he is an active mentor who strives to be mentored by the political and social sages in his midst. He is an older brother, an uncle, and a father figure to many of the youth that he has had the pleasure of molding and guiding.

Brotha SHAWT has found a mentor in Price. “Recently, I was approached by a young artist/political activist, and asked if I would give my blessings to a recording project,” said the Commissioner. “Brotha SHAWT has impressed me as a passionate young brother, who above all advocates for social justice in Dallas County.” Saying that he is honored to be chosen as a role model and mentor, Price said he has three outcomes specifically for Black and minority millennials:

1. Encourage young people to learn and engage in the framework of public service in order to better understand or eventually enter the forum of elective politics for the sake of lifting and liberating our people.

2. Reinforce the principles of self-discipline that are required to keep all of us healthy; mind, body and spirit. Looking “fly” whether “suited and booted” or in “street clothes” require that you are responsible and accountable to love yourself so that you can adequately love and serve others in this community

3. Use this creative entrepreneurial spirit to encourage others and forge a climate of supporting the regeneration of the Black dollar where we live and a massive increase in the use of minority vendors, contractors and professionals.

Brotha SHAWT has been a consistent example for community activism and was noted among the peaceful protesters arrested in September 2018 outside of AT&T Stadium (The Dallas 9 and Guerrilla Mainframe). He has grown and gleaned from his own conflicts and challenges as a youth to become a #woke and conscious man whose principal concern is personal liberation and social justice for youth in underserved and neglected neighborhoods.

While most Dallasites were shocked and immobilized by the senseless deaths of his contemporaries, Botham Jean and O`Shea Terry, Peters went to work organizing to expose contradictions in filed police reports. He continues to fight for just causes that make a difference. Like Commissioner Price, Brotha SHAWT’S pending single is an anthem designed to engage and empower young people to get involved in local politics.

Additionally, he supports the idea of the youth learning from their elders and challenging the notion that community organizing and politics is an “older person’s ballgame.” His project will be released soon on Spotify and other outlets, along with an accompanying video will follow. But the project is not important for the sake of celebrity, said Price.

“It is important because the recent spate of senseless murders in our midst can be tied to feelings of hopelessness and frustration. America has given us the gift of protest and dissent. We have a right to stand against any systems where we feel undervalued, underrepresented or under attack. “Peace and Power to Brotha SHAWT and to this community who has humbled me with the mantra; ‘Our Man Downtown.’”

Brotha SHAWT has become a leader within the Highland Hills Community and can be found any day of the week engaging the community there from his base. He was unsuccessful in his bid for a Dallas City Council seat for District Three, but he will surely be a fixture in the Dallas community for years to come. AND THAT’S THE TRUTH!

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